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His, and Hers Too!

Wedding Anniversary Alert!!!! Edumare, IMG-20170901-WA0023faithful God!! I have had to ask myself over and aver how I got so lucky. Needless to say, doing life with The Eagle has been awesome in every sense of the word. No pretense!! And these past few days, gosh! See ehn, I can’t shout. 😉

Again, let me invite you to this power packedIMG-20170831-WA0002 meeting put together by my husband, under the instructions of the Holy Spirit. Heaven is touching the Earth on this day, I feel it!! Preparations are in full bloom, I’m just so excited at how God will show up, put fire in your walk with Him again, and break strongholds!! I know all these and more will happen because he told us so. If you are in Abuja or anywhere close, don’t miss this. I look forward to seeing you, and giving you a hug!!!  (more…)


How Far Is Too Far?

Hi!! So long right? I apologize. I’ve been on a journey of soul searching, of growing, and of serving people whom I respect, and whose grace I covet. I’m definitely better for it. But can you believe just how shocked I was to find out its been over a month since I posted on LoversForever?? Thanks for understanding.

The Jewels’ (women) fellowship of The Transforming Church International has been a tremendous blessing to me! It is a place where I sit and learn while admirable, cultured, impeccable and godly older women share what they’ve learnt on the journey I am undertaking. Our monthly meetings have given me a lot to think about, and one of such things is what I’m writing about today; setting
boundaries in your relationship. (more…)

It’s Our First Anniversary!!! Reader’s Question


Hello Funmi. This Saturday is our first wedding anniversary. I’m not sure of what to get for or do for my wife…you know I’ve not done it before. So I will appreciate any tips you can give me. Thanks.

Funmi Responds:

Truth be told, I allowed my imaginations to run wild and free when I received this letter, so this is not just a response to this reader’s question, but a post in its own right. In fact, I’ve gone ahead to put together tips for a woman out there who may want to wow! her husband on their anniversary too! I’m a hopeless romantic, that’s why 😉 Happy anniversary sir. One year in marriage is a milestone; hearty congratulations! God keeps you forever. (more…)


Confessions 2

Below are confessions I put together for a woman who wrote me about some challenges in her marriage. We did a lot of talking and praying, and at some point I told her to tell me what she wants to see in her marriage. I then put them together in this form, making them into positive statements, and forwarded to her. ‎

Faith confessions have become an integral part of my life and walk with God! We have all heard a sermon or two in the line of speaking positive, of using our tongues to choose life (Prov 18:21)  and calling things that are not as though they are (Rom 4:17). Well, one Phenomenal Woman gave meaning to those sermons and taught me how to do it better! Now when I face a situation I’m not satisfied with or thoughts that don’t conform with the promises of the Father to me flash through my mind, I get out my bible and start to confess His word.‎‎



Of Games and of Thrones

Hey gorgeous! How are you? My heart is filled with melody as I write this today and I’m so full images(17)of gratitude to the Father for his love towards me and my household. I see him writing something beautiful out of my life everyday, I see things working out for me, and I see his promises…long standing promises…coming to fruition. Oh what a God! My gratitude knows no end. I’m glad for you too because a testimony is around the corner for you. Keep rejoicing, girl, don’t lose your praise.

Ehen, to the matter at hand. Because it rarely happens that a woman’s libido perfectly matches her husband’s at every point in their marriage, one party may be displeased at the frequency of sex, or even both. A man may get tired of always having to be the one to request for lovemaking, especially when his wife’s response is most likely “no”. For the fear of rejection, he makes the move for sex less frequently. His wife on the other hand feels pressured by his constant sexual demands, and that again tells negatively on her libido.  (more…)


Blessed Waiting 3

Welcome to the concluding piece in the Blessed Waiting series. If you haven’t, read Part 1 and Part 2 please.

…..And p‎ray! Pray for the man of your destiny, now is the time. Pray for his salvation, for his finances, and for his family, so that they will give you rest. It’s not enough to say “I can’t marry an only child” or “I can’t marry an only son” or “I can’t marry a poor guy”, no! You make it happen in the place of prayers. Don’t be afraid to tell it to God…afterall, he can do exceedingly and abundantly above what we ask! So pray. If y‎ou are in a relationship heading for marriage, pray. If not, pray harder. (more…)


Blessed Waiting 2

Thank you all for the feedback on the Blessed Waiting 1. I’m super glad that you were blessed reading. Check it out here if you haven’t, you’ll be glad you did.

For your waiting to be blessed, you must be waiting right! Don’t deceive yourself or try to deceive God by not living a good christian life. God is not mocked. Y‎ou say you are a single christian sister and you are living with a man? Co-habiting? Pre-marital sex, flings, clubbing, drinking and all other acts that don’t glorify God??!? Such things must not be heard of among those of us of the household of faith!! Please stop. God loves you more than all that! (more…)


Blessed Waiting 1

Single-hood is a blessing that most people, especially ladies take for granted! You look around you and see some women your age who are married, and that’s it, you conclude that they are in a better place than you, forgetting that everyone has their appointed time for everything. Many are so anxious that they forget to be thankful for this season of life and impatiently look forward to the next phase…Marriage.‎

Marriage is beautiful, don’t get me wrong. And it fdd838618f6b177c29740fde519923a2is the will of God that everyone has someone to love and call her own. But Singlehood is a true blessing in itself. It is the time to prepare yourself for life! It is the time to get better, read farther, make friends and be active in church! Marriage is a higher calling so to speak…it requires “consecration”. No more soaking gaari with suya as dinner just because you are tired or you don’t feel like cooking. You have your husband to consider, and when the babies start arriving, more responsibilities…ok I’m getting ahead of myself already. ‎ (more…)

Pregnancy & Libido; Reader’s Question 1

Welcome to LoversForever readers’ questions series where I publish answers to questions that I’ve been asked by readers. This way, anyone in similar situation can find answers quickly. The decision to do this was birthed from the fact that these questions have been asked of me more than twice, from different people. Of course, the reader who asked remains anonymous.


Hello Funmi. Since I took in (this is my first pregnancy), I’ve not been allowing my husband to touch me. Is it normal? I just don’t want sex at all! He was understanding about this matter before, but last week he voiced out that he’s not pleased at all. My breast are really painful too. How will I agree he even touches them at all? (more…)

Do it

Lists, Schedules And More Lists!

In today’s fast paced world, a woman must work smart if she intends to fulfil her dream of being a wow! woman for her husband, a superwoman for her children, an indispensable employee to her employer, and most importantly, a total woman that God can brag about. I thereby bring you a simple tool that has been in existence for ages, but which many have overlooked or scorned even in their quest for balance and all round success. I bring you LISTS!!! (more…)


Love Diary

Was there ever a time in your relationship your husband looked into your eyes and said words so divine that you wish the moment would last forever? Is there something really sweet your husband said two three days ago that you would like to remember everyday? So date night last week was awesome, with Le’boo getting all sweet and romantic and he said some really nice things about you to you, and up till now you go all smiley when you remember his words… well, before you forget them all, get a love diary!

The concept behind the Love Diary is a simple one. We all must have heard at one time or the other that a woman is moved by what she hears. Gracious words, words laced with honey and sweetness just transforms a woman and makes her giddy. Good words make a woman feel good about herself, makes her feel on top of the world…seated right amongst the stars! I definitely know there is a special gait to my steps and confidence to my speech after being told I’m beautiful and capable!  A woman will go out of her way to please the person that clothes her in affirmative words, and if that person is her husband, her hearts just overflows with love for him!



Confessions From Songs

Here’s what should be every wife’s daily confessions! It’s deep and loadedthe-word-works and worded all at the same time. I literally lifted out verses of the Bible when creating these confessions those wee hours of the morning, using the New Living Translation. They are from the Songs of Solomon. I implore you to read this prayerfully, download it and make it a companion when you pray concerning your marriage!


My husband is pleasing beyond words! His name is like a spreading fragrance, attracting favour from all the corners of the earth. He is the finest apple tree in the orchard, his smell is that of a field blessed by God! He prospers in his dealings, as the Lord teaches his hands to make wealth, and makes him stand out among his equals. (more…)


2017…My Resolutions!!

Hello gorgeous women (and men…I’m not leaving you out guys!) Wow, long time. How is your side? Back to work? Well, I am!! The new year is set to be great already, with all these positive vibes I’m receiving and the enthusiasm in the air, nothing can hold you back. It will be a tremendously wonderful year for us as a family too; I feel it in my bones. So please permit me to take you on a walk through my new year resolutions. I’ve never had one before, by the way.


Be brave, be bold, do it despite fear: I refuse to be held back by fear. The great ideas that cross my mind this year will be pursued with passion.  (more…)

Your Bedroom


The State of your Bedroom

I need to, as a matter of urgency, draw your attention to this. On another day, I could make this into a proper post, but now, we’ll have to make do with it as a simple assignment.

The state of your bedroom! Yes, the state of your bedroom. Woman of God, your bedroom is where most of the magic happens. It is your hideaway and get away place, your corner of comfort, your quiet corner, and your romantic spot. It should be your most kept part of the house! So… (more…)

Love his wife

Love His Wife

Hey gorgeous woman! Beautiful without and more so within, oozing wow! and turning heads everywhere. You are God’s priceless gift to your world; loving and sacrificial mother – slow to anger, chastising in love. Swift to embrace, quick to forgive. Ever vigilant, no matter the time of the day; strong, dependable and so so instinctive. You even feel your children’s pain and hear their thoughts! Hmm, abiyamo tòótó. Wonderful wife; adoring and adorable, feminine and soft, flaming hot lover, constant supporter, faithful friend, consistent follower, creative cook, naughty and sweet combined! Aya rere l’ódèdè oko. You are simply an awe-inspiring fellow…yes you!!!‎ (more…)


…On Attracting A Good Man – Part 3

…Still on the issue of attracting and keeping a good man! Many thanks to you all for the feed back and encouraging testimonies. As always, I am encouraged that I am on the right path, doing exactly what The Father will have me do. If you haven’t read Part One and Part Two of this series, please do so….

Number Five: Be Choosy, But Not Too Choosy. Do not throw away your self confidence, lay your worth down by the river side or lower your standards to the gutter in your bid to get a man. You must know the qualities you desire in your life partner (see mine here) and keep up faith in God that He is able to do for you what you ask of Him and even beyond your imaginations – like he did for me. (I don’t need a soothe sayer to tell me that heaven favors me! Do you not know The Eagle? He’s one of a kind! 😉 Don’t decide to manage him; forever is too long a time to keep managing a man that does not fulfill your desires. And what happens if, just when you have decided to make do with the available option, prince charming shows up? (more…)

Praying For The Man You Love – 5

woman-praying-300x187STAY ENCOURAGED

Every man has plans and goals he has set out to achieve, he has timelines and deadlines for this purpose, he has great expectations that he wants to see happen. Often times, challenges arise and situations become difficult, things begin to fall apart from the way he planned it. A season might not go exactly the way he wants it. Because he is a logical being, he begins to think and think, trying to device solutions. This might lead to discouragement (Proverbs 13:12). (more…)


…On Attracting A Good Man – Part 2

…So ladies, let’s continue our gist on how to carry ourselves in such a way that the right man finds us attractive. In this piece, we’ve discussed my first two points; Be The Kind Of Person You Want To Attract and Your Smile Is Your Best Accessory. Now we move farther on….

Number three: Remain Feminine.‎ It is a common saying that “it’s a dog eat dog world”, but if you allow the male species perceive you as a dog looking for another dog to consume, it will be difficult for you to earn a man’s love…his respect maybe, even his admiration, but not his love. I say this ‎based on my understanding of men. A man doesn’t (only) respect or admire the woman he gives his heart to, he feels a need to protect her, provide for her and lead her (ie tell her what to do…yea, I know you don’t like the sound of that), but that is how a man loves a woman. This may be an inappropriate example but please indulge me. Compare the percentage of men who have affairs with their secretaries and other subordinates to those who do with their contemporaries or superiors. This should give you an idea of what flatters masculinity.



Comfort Wears Versus Romance

If you have never given this a thought, let me shock you. Your comfort wears go a long way to affect romance, spontaneity and ultimately sex in your marriage. You have that very dress that is just so comfortable to slip on after a long day at work that you don’t think twice before reaching for it. You put it on at least four times a week, launder it every weekend along with the children’s clothes and come Monday evening, you are wearing it again…week after week. Funny enough, this dress gets uglier due to frequent washing, and thinner/weaker at the same time, which makes it even more comfortable. You have in your hands an addiction in the name of comfort. (more…)


…On Attracting A Good Man

Yes o! Let’s talk about Mr Right 😉
I have been meaning to write a piece for my single sisters who are faithful followers of LoversForever, but I’ve never really gotten the chance to put my thoughts together. Then the women’s fellowship of my church invited me to speak on this topic and I was forced to think on it. I hope this helps in your pursuit of finding the man of your dreams, and I hope you enjoy reading as much as I enjoyed writing.



First Things First

First things first, I apologize. Going silent on you without prior notice is unacceptably wrong, I know better than that. I do not take you for granted. It was due to circumstances definitely beyond my control. First my instrument of writing packed up without warning, and after that, (for a particularly wonderful reason) physical strength and mental clarity deserted me. I’m not fully back yet 😉 , but I won’t go silent for a prolonged period again any time soon. Thanks for understanding.

In today’s world where “what a man can do, a woman can do better”, a lot of marriages are suffering greatly and are gradually disintegrating due to misplaced priorities by the parties involved in the union. The man goes off being a man or simply trying to prove he is a man, and the woman goes off trying to outdo the man just because well, she’s got all it takes to do it! God’s precious institution is left uncatered in this process of each party trying to prove his/her individuality and as if that’s not enough, many a innocent child -God’s heritage- is paying heavily for this ignorance of his parents. (more…)

Praying For The Man You Love – 4

praying_women_black-378x414THE REAL PROVIDER:

Men are made to be the main provider in the home. It’s one of their primary responsibilities. They develop a sense of significance and fulfilment when they are able to perform this role excellently. As a result, they are occupied with thoughts of how they can raise more money, what strategies they need to use to get better results and what additional education or course can bring them greater rewards. All these are in a bid to be better at providing for the woman in their lives and others. (more…)

This Week! – 5


TNMInternetComputerCouple_feature-588x260This week, think of ONE thing your husband really loves and appreciates you doing for him and make sure you do it before the week runs out. It could be clipping his toe nails or folding his laundry. Whatever it is you come up with, find tme to carry out the task before the end of this week.


Funmi Olubakin


To Respect Him …101

“You do not respect me at all”, my husband said with a flat voice, shaking his head. I couldn’t believe my ears. How could he say such a thing? He was my boyfriend and everybody knew I lovedP him…I talked about him nonstop. “How will you say I don’t respect you when I love you with all my heart? How could you even think that?” I said helplessly. “I am a man, Funmi. All your love mean nothing to me if you don’t show me respect”. It sounded like Japanese in my ears. To love him is not enough? What has respect got to do with it? The age gap between us is not much so to refer to him as “Uncle Philip” was out of the question. So what exactly does respect mean to a man? (more…)

Happy Newlyweds in Front of Mansion

So It’s Your Wedding Night

Of course it’s not. You shouldn’t just be reading an article like this on your wedding night. No. That will be a case of preparing for the wedding but not for the marriage. By your wedding night, you would have since read this article, or one like it and be prepared for what should come. Your bags should be packed and all the necessary items checked. So this is a note to help a young virgin on her wedding night, the night she gets introduced to the act of marriage. Happy Married life in advance. May your life together be beautiful and full of warmth…laughter in your home always, and not a few children. (more…)


Look Into His Eyes

IMG-20141225-WA014When Cyntilatin wrote to tell me about this, little did I know what potent magic she was introducing me to! I simply told her I will put the (below outlined) theory to test, and wow!… So this is a Cyntilatin special episode. All I did was make it into an essay.

This might as well be the one single true thing that the movies say about love. There is a magic in looking into the eyes of the man you love, and having him look into your eyes at the same time. It is beyond words as it helps you connect on a whole new level and speaks to him of your love and devotion. So in this post, we will draw your attention to ordinary moments in the course of daily life when you can put this tool to use. (more…)

Praying For The Man You Love – 3


What our men invest their lives, abilities, energy, time and money in, shows what is important to them. Every investment they make is a seed. This seed no matter its size, determines the outcome of our lives day by day (Matthew 13:3-9).Opportunities to invest in a person, business venture or an event to mention a few things presents itself over and over again and what our men do when they are faced with those opportunities is what we need to pray about. Are they making investments that are truly blessing them and the people in their lives? Is it taking all their time and energy yet bringing no result? Does it look like a waste of money and resources yet they can’t see it? God gives seeds to the Sower (2 Corinthians 9:10) and the devil tries to give seeds too. It is sometimes difficult to identify which opportunity is from God and which one is not, some look so appealing and harmless with returns and promises that are mouth-watering that our men forget to ask God if these opportunities are theirs or not. (more…)


In the Power Room of the Mind

In the Power room of the mind, lives of men are made and their courses charted. Your life plays out just the way you imagine it, each phase manifesting your innermost thoughts and expectation. A man will never be more than he has dared dream, he will never be able to achieve any more than he has told himself that he can. I challenge you therefore to engage this powerful tool to create the marriage of your dream. Wherever or whatever state your marriage is right now, make up your mind on what you want to see, then put your foot down and do not budge or accept anything less! (more…)


I Am A Woman

IMG_00000243IMG-20150203-WA022 IMG-20150203-WA021 IMG-20150203-WA015 IMG-20150203-WA018 IMG-20150203-WA000(6) IMG-20150203-WA000(5) IMG_00000236 IMG-20150203-WA000(4) IMG-20150203-WA000(3) IMG-20150203-WA000(2) IMG-20150203-WA000(1) GoodHeart_485474


This piece was inspired by the Splendid Peepz! Please meet my friends: (L-R, top-bottom) Splendid Crystal, Tobi, Sammie, Ruth, Mama T, Fatima, Kalu, Stringer, Faith (yes, the fair dude 🙂 ), Stella, Tito, Sola & Rofem. I love you guys!



I am a woman; that means I’m beautiful. I’m naturally alluring, and with my makeup – when I put on my Mary Kay cream to powder and draw my brow- I’m simply stunning. I am curvy and luscious, graceful and delicious. In flats, I’m petite and on heels, I’m gorgeous! I’m free to color my lips red or nude, I can shadow my eyes or wear tiro. I can wear the rainbow colors all at once, and patterns as rich as the peacocks’, or I can stick to gray/black/white; whichever one I decide, I am beautiful! (more…)

African American couple eating piece of fruit

Switch Hats

If you work outside the home, you may have noticed a difficulty or stress in rushing into your wifely duties and domestic chores as soon as you step into the house after a full day at work. It can be dreadful! You walk into the kitchen and wonder why the dishes you left in the sink in the morning did not have the common sense to get themselves done and neatly arranged on the plate rack, and for a second you consider serving food to your family in disposable plates! (more…)

Praying For The Man You Love – 2



A beautiful relationship or marriage is everyone’s desire, a place of tranquility, joy, understanding and love, where fulfillment is at its peak,does that describe your dream and desire? When you chose to love your man, you had a vision of what you wanted to experience, you saw a friend and partner who could walk with you, helping and encouraging you through every seaason of life, most importantly, you had love in your heart. (more…)

Happy African American Man & Woman Couple

Snuggle Up

In The 20 Seconds Hug, we established that touch is an integral part of the human life, and could be the difference between life and death in infants. As an adult, you will agree that nothing feels as good as a long lingering hug on a cold morning-it simply soothes the senses and warms the soul…hmmm. So in this piece we’ll take touch to another level; from hug to snuggle, and from standing to lying 😉 So let’s go!


This Week! – 4

People-Sitting-Hugging-Black-CoupleTHINKFUL AND THANKFUL

For this week, think of THREE things that your husband does that really makes your life easier. It could range from  helping out with a particular chore to picking up the kids from school often. Show appreciation to him everyday this week for doing these things for you. Say “thank you for taking care of these for me, honey. It take a lot of pressure off me.”


Funmi Olubakin

This Week! – 3

black-woman-writing-in-journalGET OUT YOUR GOLDEN PEN

“I pick up my golden pen from the basket of love to write you this letter” was a very common phrase back in the days! “You are the sugar in my tea and the butter in my bread” was quite popular too 🙂 . This week, your assignment is to scribble your husband a love note. Half a page will do. This will make him feel good, so get out your golden pen and write!


Funmi Olubakin

This Week! – 2



New year is on Thursday!! I challenge you to put into full consideration your husband’s favourite dishes as you plan your menu for the first day of 2015. It is usually Jollof/fried rice, chicken and some sort of vegetable salad in most homes. If he loves these, then you are good to go. If on a normal day he will choose any other dish over rice, then make plans for him. As a show of love, make one plate of his favourite meal, along with the usual rice for the children and visitors.


Funmi Olubakin

This Week! – 1

This week! is all about one assignment for us to do within the very week that it is published, a simple loving act to show our husbands that we care.




It’s Christmas week, ladies. I’m ecstatic! This week, find time out to go shopping for a gift for your sweetheart if you haven’t. It doesn’t matter how long ago since you bought him a gift, or how not too long ago it was. Keep it wrapped and hidden to be unveiled on christmas morning.

Remember it is the thoughtfulness behind a gift that matters to the recipient, and not how much it costs. Your gift could even be something homemade. Just get it ready during this week.


Funmi Olubakin


Praying For The Man You Love – 1

In Praying for the Man You Love, Olufunke Awojide draws our attention to different important areas of our husbands’ lives so that we can be specific in our prayers for them. She concludes each one of 13 articles with the “Prayer Starter”, such that you could read it aloud or even in your mind as you pray. She posted the series originally on her Facebook page but has graciously given us permission to publish them here at LoversForever… so, shall we pray!


The Foundation of Love:

Praying Woman

Love is the word on every one’s lips! The heart desire of every human and the very nature of our God. Love is also what brings a man and a woman to the point of embarking on a lifetime journey of marriage. Love is described as a feeling and an action that encompasses a million other actions such as kindness, patience, giving and forgiving, caring, willingness to help, sacrifices etc (1 Corinthians 13). It’s just wonderful to have love in our heart and lives whether we are the ones giving it or receiving it.


Portrait of happy couple

Round Pegs Round Holes

To adapt! This could be the most difficult thing you have to do as a wife. To lay aside the principles that has worked for you for another, just because he prefers them, without putting into consideration the fact that are a full grown woman with your set beliefs and view of life. To transform yourself from whatever shape you have always been to fit into his ’round’… If you got married in your mid twenties or above that age, adaptation becomes even more difficult. The older you are (as at your wedding), the more of a challenge it becomes. So today I write to plead with you, as it is our call to adapt. (more…)


Sex Begins in the Kitchen II

The conclusion. You should read Rocks in the Mattress, that’s what brought up this piece. Then read Sex Begins in the Kitchen. …your wife does not hate the act of marriage, no. In our deepest conversations she has revealed to me that she longs to share nights of unbridled passion. She has told me her body cries out to be ravished by your expert touch and replete with the aftermath of your lovemaking. That’s the way we are, we wives after the Father’s heart; we desire our husbands in ways approved by heaven, in ways words can’t explain. So from a woman’s angle, let’s talk sex… (more…)

Client: AstraZenecaAgency: Digitas, Lawrence & Co, RTC MarketingThis project involved 3 different agencies each with their own shot requirments.

Sex Begins in the Kitchen

All of my writings so far have been directed to women. This is because I school myself continuously in the classroom of wifehood, seeing that being a wife is my calling, and knowing that my husband is my ministry. The things I share here are the results of my research and experiments, and my way of life. This is not to say that I am perfect, far from it. I fall and make mistakes far more than I care to count, but each time I stray the Lord calls me back to himself. He envelops me in his mercy and gives me his forgiveness freely, and the Eagle; he’s the world’s greatest dude! He hardly even notices, and when he does notice, he is quick to forgive just like his heavenly Father. So when I write, it is in actual fact, a reminder for me. Blessed be Jesus. (more…)


10 Weeks 10 Articles!

10 weeks have gone by since we launched LoversForever  and published our very first piece, The 10 seconds Kiss. It has been an interesting journey. Thus far, we have published a new post every Monday, we have reviewed our settings and have improved LoversForever into a more user friendly website – our IT Consultant has worked tirelessly these past few weeks to make this happen. So now you can view articles by categories under the Categories section, or by date under the Archives.

We have included on the side bar (or way below, after the comments section if you are browsing with your phone) a page through which you can send personal questions that you do not want to leave in the comment section to the Author. We have also introduced, on the side bar too, a page where you can leave your prayer requests so that the LoversForever family can pray along with you in agreement and with faith. Feel free to use these features if need be. (more…)


Accept it Graciously

In the first year of their courtship, her fiancé bought her a wristwatch. She took one look at it on that fateful day he came with it to her house, and she brought down the roof. She was so angry. Why? It was so expensive looking. At that time in their lives she knew they couldn’t afford such extravagance. They were both students in the Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile Ife, and they lived only on pocket money (or alms) from home. This was in December of 2008. She gave him a lecture on not spending money that one does not have, and then refused to wear the watch for two years. She just couldn’t. It was worth his two months’ pocket money. But after those two years reality dawned on her…. If you know me, the watch I speak about is the very one I wear on my right hand. It is golden and lovely. It has been my only wristwatch for six years, and has remained my most beautiful piece of jewelry. (more…)


Date Nights

Magie 1The magnitude of work involved in running a home can be life threatening, I do not exaggerate! From scrubbing to mopping to washing to planning meals to shopping to earning a living. If you have children, multiply the above by 5, then by the number of children you have. The energy and time that go into all these can strangle romance to death. Planning “sweetheart” dates will save the situation. ( friend Magie encouraged me to conclude work on this article and publish it quickly. She’s quite a bully…lol. Thank you Magie, your ready smiles and frank advice keep me going). (more…)


The Five Step Formular

This is a sure technique to get him to hear you out when you really have something to say. We women generally have a greater need for communication than the men, and sometimes, the men in our lives don’t realise just how great this need is. We want to discuss everything in fine detail, but a quick summary while staring at the TV is sometimes all they have to offer. This formular will help you get his attention long enough to tell him what you have to. (more…)


Love Supreme: Accept Him

Your husband is what he is; accept him as that. You may be thinking to yourself, “of course I accept him, after all I married the dude”, but many of us ladies are guilty of marrying a man, and yet keeping in our heart the picture of who we expect that man to be. No sooner have we said “I do” than we begin to try to “undo” certain things about him. We begin subtly to tell him how to act in an attempt to tush him up a little. We gently tell him what to say so as to cut off his excesses and round off the edges. Why do we do that? It never works! (more…)


Spontaneous Quickies

When The 10 Seconds Kiss was published, Cyntilatin sent in a question. Having read the article, she sent the link to her married friends and a few days later, they began to ask questions. They wanted to know what to do when their husbands misinterpreted their kissing to mean “it’s time for sex!” (lol…these our husbands sha). Their question is what gave me the courage to publish this article at this time, even though I wrote it long before I wrote the 10 secs kiss. Many thanks to you Cyntilatin. I consider you a friend on this journey to becoming wives that God can brag about. I bless you in the name of God. (more…)


Rocks in the Mattress

If you hear a marriage is headed for the rocks, the rocks might be in the mattress! I say “might” because I understand that a lot goes on in any given marriage. I do not judge. But one too many times, a young and really pretty woman has hissed when we have gathered after Sunday service and mentioned sex in our married women gossips. Why would a licensed-to-have-sex woman cringe at the thought of loving? Why are so many women having sex and enjoying it less in this generation where every thing we see suggests sex? On the other side of the coin, I’ve heard men say they would have rated their wives 100%, if only she would cooperate in the bedroom. She’s a good cook and a true friend, a great mom to the kids and a superb home keeper, but…. (more…)


Dailys 4: The 30 Minutes Talk

Welcome to the fourth and the final article in the dailys series. It’s been God all the way! For those of you who followed from the 10 seconds kiss and have incorporated these teachings into your marriage, I salute you wholeheartedly. You did not stop to consider the situation in your home but took bold steps to make a visible change…to make your sweet marriage sweeter, to make your happy husband happier. You are fighting the Lord’s battles, and for that the voice of rejoicing will never cease in your homes. (more…)


Dailys 3: The 20 Seconds Hug

Touching feels good, you will all agree! Every human was born with a craving for touch, to touch and to be touched by other people. Research found out undoubtedly that babies that are touched grow up to be better adjusted adults, with higher self acceptance and esteem, and have up to 40% higher chance of surviving infanthood than those that are not. Touching is therefore an integral part of life. (more…)


Dailys 2: The Five Seconds Compliment

Have you ever wondered what it is about you that made your husband choose you above all others? Have you ever asked yourself why he decided to commit his life to you and make you his wife instead of Maria, who is the most beautiful girl in all of your clan, Julia, who is the best cook ever or even Gloria, who is by far the most industrious woman in all your tribe? Isn’t it an absolute miracle that this gorgeous man with the heart of gold and the will of a lion is yours, by his ready consent, to love and to hold till the end of time? Shall I tell you why he chose you, and not another? (more…)


Dailys 1: The 10 Seconds Kiss

This is my very first article! I am very pleased and excited to be starting this series. It is based on a book the Eagle bought for me a year or so before we got married. It has been a source of inspiration to me, and its teachings have proven itself worthy.

The foundation of this series is consistency, which, as we all know, is the key to perfection. I will be bringing to your attention things that are not foreign to you, but which, if you create the time to do on a daily basis, will transform your relationship with your spouse into a warm, loving, tender and passionate one. I can imagine someone scrolling frantically to see top secrets from the wise one herself, but I’m bringing you simple truths that has been passed down for generations. The key, I repeat, is consistency, to achieve the great results we all desire in our marriages. (more…)